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Insurance isn't for you - its for the people you care about. Protect their future. Have existing health issues? Contact us for solutions. 

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Tax advantages, wealth accumulation, dividends and more. A good discussion for those with a big or small business that is growing its retained earnings. 

Insurance That Grows Like a Savings Plan

Talk to us about how your life insurance can act as a savings tool. 

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Personal worksheets to create a budget, pay down debt, savings calculators, etc. Fill-able online, auto calculate and save to your own computer. 


What happens with my policy when I die? Insurance proceeds DO NOT go through probate; meaning the proceeds go directly to the beneficiaries you've chosen. And the funds are almost always tax-free.

How much is enough? You should complete a Financial Needs Analysis with your advisor. This looks at your assets, liabilities and continuing family needs. 

What type of policy do I need? So many types but only two forms - temporary and permanent. Often a combination of the two does the best job. Temporary needs: mortgage, income replacement earlier in life, financial obligations, etc. Permanent needs: supplementing survivor income, final expenses, capital gains taxes, etc.