We work with you to create a complete picture of your life now and into the future. Together we will develop a financial plan that is tailored to your unique needs and dreams. We understand that life changes and so will your plan.  

Small Business and Corporations

Working with you, your CPA, lawyers and other professionals

Every business owner I’ve ever worked with are all interested in the same things - saving taxes. They know that the tax bite is a significant one, both for their business and for them personally. Most business owners that we work with have significant values and significant taxable estates. 

We look at both personal and corporate finances to coordinate the best tax efficiencies, cash flow, and succession planning. 


About Us

Don Kulyk, FIC, AFA, EPC

With over 25 years in financial services, I have a wealth of knowledge and resources to offer my clients. I love numbers, projections, tax talk and working with corporations to solve tax issues, efficient planning of assets and more. 

Michelle Mix

Having worked in a different sector prior to developing Coast Management, I'm focused on developing relationships with individuals and families; helping them to navigate their personal finances and create a clear and worry-free path to education, home-ownership and retirement. And maybe take a bucket list trip or two in there!

Advantage of a Broker

Unbiased advice. Simple. Our independence enables us to give unbiased advise based on our clients' unique situation. While we may have a preference to work with certain companies based on our years of experience the final decisions are always the client's.

A Team Effort

Coast Management's approach involves a team of professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills working together to always find the best solutions for our clients. We will work with your professionals: accountants, lawyers, etc. or suggest professionals that we have worked with before. We also utilize a fully integrated wealth management company for additional operational support and industry expertise. 



How to manage your digital value and footprint

With more and more Canadians conducting their daily business online –from banking to business meetings to shopping and hailing a ride – it should be no surprise that digital assets are increasing. According to Deloitte Canada, the average Canadian has $1000 to $2000 in value stored online. Deloitte estimates that the average Canadian will accumulate $10,000 worth of digital assets over a lifetime.


Ask your advisor these nine questions

You’ve been working and saving for this moment for most of your working life – now retirement is on the horizon. But you’re not done planning yet. In fact, there’s never been a more important time to talk to your advisor. Start with these nine questions.



Successful business people ways to keep their wealth - financial, tax, succession, and estate planning solutions. Business owners are different from the rest of Canadians. If for no other reason, the Income Tax Act favours people who work for themselves. There are numerous financial advantages available to those who own their own business, 

If you are a self-employed individual or a business owner you might consider discussing some of these tax-saving ideas with your financial advisors to help keep the taxman out of your pockets. 


One of the most often asked questions by families and individuals is - what’s better, a TFSA or an RRSP? There’s no single answer. “It depends” is the real answer. 

The article below from Shannon Lee Simons, Globe and Mail, addresses this question in plain language.  

When choosing between an RRSP or TFSA and depending on your age, it’s helpful to think about what your goal is before comparing the tax savings." 

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